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CS Desktop Notes v 3.6


This small program allows you easily attach virtual post-it notes to your windows desktop. You can use individual visual appearance for each note.

Not overloaded with huge number of features it has nice and intuitive interface and consume minimal system resources.

For quick access program put icon in system tray.
To add new note just double click program icon in tray. Holding down SHIFT key while double clicking icon will set new note text copying it from clipboard. Existing note can be edited by double clicking on it.


  • Tray icon for easy operation
  • Selectable colors, fonts, size for each note from note edit window
  • You can set individual notes "always on top" from context menu of note.
  • You can change note transparency from 0% to 90% for individual note using note context menu.
  • Fast note creation from clipboard text.
  • Unregistered program limit number of notes you can attach to desktop to three.

Latest Changes:

v 3.6

  • Added shortcuts in edit mode for choosing font, note color, posting note (see tooltips for the buttons).
  • Autoheight. Note height increasing when text entered does not fit in note.
  • When you start desknote.exe and another copy already running, window for new note created.
    (for those who doesn't like clicking tray icons)

v 3.5

  • Setup and uninstall added.
  • File with notes has moved to user private application data directory (typically "C:\Documents and Settings\USER_NAME\Application Data\CS Desktop Notes" folder). Now different users on same computer have independent notes sets.
  • Added Ctrl+A (Select all) shortcut.
  • Added context menu item "Copy text", copying note text to clipboard.

v 3.1

  • When explorer restarts, desktop notes icon in systray is restored.
  • Fixed bug with undo of some editing actions.
  • Unicode version available


  • Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7


CS Desktop Notes is shareware. You may register you copy after evaluation period by clicking register button in program "About" box. Current single license fee is $12. (US)


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"Have you convinced yourself that you really hate the paper notes and love the virtual ones? Then why not try the pretty, tiny post-it notes software named CS Desktop Notes?" - from the review

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